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Oregon College of Art and Craft is a modern laboratory for the invention of art and craft. Established in 1907, OCAC is a principal center for education, dialogue, and the mastery of contemporary craft for future generations of artists.

OCAC seeks to enroll committed, self-motivated students who want to learn with their hands and minds across multiple disciplines. The strongest applicants consistently demonstrate a dedication to art and a breadth of experience through their educational history, professional backgrounds and personal interests.

Applicants are from across the country and world. They have in common a desire to study Craft and become part of our community of artists as well as enjoy the benefits of living in Portland, Oregon. Educational backgrounds vary; many are wishing to attend direct from high school. Others are college transfers or have prior degrees in a variety of areas of study. We also work with professionals of all ages who wish to pursue a career change.

Gainful Employment Disclosure
Regulations implemented by the United States Department of Education require public and non-profit institutions that participate in federal financial aid programs to report certain information about their non-degree educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. For Oregon College of Art and Craft, the new regulations pertain to students enrolled in our undergraduate Certificate and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate programs.