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Art School of the Future

Recently Creative Capital published an article entitled the Art School of the Future exhorting art schools to add business and communication content to their curricular programs to better prepare their graduates for the world of work.  Creative Capital has been for many years, and continues to be, a vital source of information and support for artists. In the instance of this article, the Art School of the Future, there are many who will tell you it's already here as Deborah Obalil, the President and Executive Director of AICAD, the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, has pointed out. Among the AICAD member institutions, the free-standing, independent, non-profit art colleges in the US, many, if not all,  have professional practices components in their degree programs.

At my institution, Oregon College of Art and Craft, the professional practices content begins in the first year of the BFA program and culminates in the fourth year with a robust and comprehensive exercise in mounting an exhibition, including the business, physical and curatorial aspects of that exhibition.  The "professional practice" component is supported by in-depth study in the theoretical, practice and  technical training to enable our BFA, and MFA, graduates to understand the business side of maintaining a studio practice, as well as developing communication skills intended to serve them in their future academic pursuits and marketing strategies alike. We educate our students to be skilled makers and thinkers who can not only enter studio practice and other career paths, but who have the skills to create their own careers.

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