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Campus Life

OCAC is an intentionally small, exceptionally student-centered art college gathering people from all over the country. Student life centers around the studio and the adventure of becoming an artist. With an enrollment of under 200 students, the student body supports both social and professional activities. Events are planned by a Student Commonwealth, which includes students, faculty and a staff advisor. In recent years, students have sponsored a visiting artist lecture series, inviting artists from the Portland vicinity to share their work at a monthly brown bag lunch. Other events include the First Thursday gallery tour, Greek dinner, bowling night, the winter party and the student holiday sale. Events and activities evolve to reflect student interests and needs, including those of both undergraduate and graduate students.

The OCAC campus sits high in the West Hills of Portland overlooking the Oregon coastal mountains, yet it is minutes from downtown's cultural resources. Portland is a city of trees, bridges, hip urban culture, neighborhoods, and activism. You will find it alive with art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and a diversity of shopping venues (everything from great thrift stores, trendy boutiques and recyclers to the well-known department stores).

Wherever you go in Portland, you are never far from an art house cinema, performance space, brewpub, farmers market, public park, or community garden. Portland attracts many musicians due to the healthiness and diversity of the music scene as well as its emergence as an international cultural center.