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Tap into high-tech, hands-on making

OCAC’s FabLab gives students new ways to craft their ideas

The Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) FabLab is more than a digital design studio. It’s a collaborative creative space where students in all media explore materials and forms.

OCAC established this digital fabrication lab, or "FabLab" for short, in 2015, with generous funding from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and donors. We launched a state-of-the-art facility that unites technology, art, and craft to reimagine the handmade.

Today, the FabLab studio serves as the hub for all digital making at OCAC. Its equipment and design center are integrated across the campus; in Photography Digital Imaging lab, in Wood Studio (CNC router), and in Fibers (Jacquard and quilting machine). Together these resources represent a variety of tools to enhance the making and conceptual processes.

Innovate with us!

Our FabLab and digital studios are some of the many innovative ways OCAC inspires students to advance their artistic vision and career. We invite you to join our community and imagine what you will create. 

Using the FabLab

The FabLab's studios are available to all undergraduate and graduate OCAC students who receive training. Students who major in Digital Strategies or who take digital studies courses have the most opportunity to deeply and creatively explore the FabLab's tools. After receiving training, students sign up for machine time through the online FabLab calendar. If you have an idea for a project but have not received training, contact the FabLab Manager to set up training and/or a time to work on a machine. 

Community members may also use the FabLab through Studio School classes. No community members have access to the machines or FabLab services outside of the scheduled Studio School class times.

Watch the video to see how the FabLab works. If you have questions, please email FabLab Manager, Benny Hill.


The FabLab and Digital Imaging Lab are designed to support an innovative approach to making by providing access to advanced digital tools and equipment.  FabLab is a collaborative creative space where students in all media explore a variety of materials and forms, opening new possibilities for students to create work.  Students use each space collaboratively to explore materials, create forms, and shape thought along the creative journey. They might imagine prototypes using digital imaging tools and then bring those visions to life through fabrication printing.

These skills prepare students for a future in studio practice and making industries and businesses.

The selection of equipment includes:

  • 3D printers
  • laser cutter
  • CNC router
  • ceramic 3D printer
  • vinyl cutter in the FabLab
  • 18 Power Mac towers with Eizo monitors
  • film and flatbed scanners
  • two 17” Epson printers
  • 44” wide format Epson printer
  • 63” Epson printer in the Digital Imaging Lab
  • Jacquard loom and quilting machine in the Fibers Construction Studio



OCAC students can access the machine sign-up calendars here