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FAQs - Students

Does closure mean I won’t be able to complete my degree or certificate at OCAC?
Students who complete all degree or certificate requirements by the end of Spring 2019 will earn their degree or certificate from OCAC. Students who do not complete requirements by then will be referred to a partner institution for completion. More information about partner institutions will be provided as it becomes available. Students may also choose to transfer to another school of their choice, and OCAC is willing to help our students make a smooth transition.

What happens to the credits I have taken at OCAC?
Credits earned at OCAC are valid even after the college has closed. OCAC is regionally accredited and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Other regionally accredited and/or NASAD accredited institutions consider such credits for transfer.

Will other institutions accept my OCAC credits as transfer courses?
Each institution makes decisions about which credits and how many credits it will accept in transfer. 

Are my credits considered regionally accredited, even if the college is closed?

Will my degree from OCAC still be considered valuable?
Yes, your degree from OCAC is still a valid degree with full regional and national accreditation. 

What will happen to my academic records after closure?  
OCAC intends to preserve academic records and make them accessible after OCAC closes. We are working to transfer records to a custodial institution. We will provide more details as soon as we are able.

How do I obtain official transcripts after the college closes?
OCAC is working to make official transcripts and other information available through a custodial institution. We will provide more details as soon as we are able. 

Will the college still hold commencement ceremonies for students finishing in spring semester?
Yes commencement activities will continue as planned. 

What if I am on leave or need to take time off from my studies. Can I come back later and still complete my degree even if the college is closing?
Spring 2019 will be our final semester of academic instruction at OCAC. Your credits earned at OCAC are valid to transfer to another institution, where you can pursue your degree when you are ready to resume your studies.

What happens to coursework that I have Incomplete (I) or In Progress (IP) grades in?
Students need to complete all requirements by the end of Spring 2019. All outstanding assignments must be submitted to your instructor by May 31 so that OCAC can put a final grade on your transcript. Students who are not able to complete by that deadline have the option to petition for a late withdrawal. The registrar can assist with determining the best course of action for your particular situation.

What if I have not completed my thesis or exhibition by the end of Spring 2019?
Students need to complete all requirements, including thesis and/or exhibition, by May 31, 2019 in order for OCAC to award your degree. Your thesis advisor can work with you to help you meet this timeline.

How do I order transcripts to send to transfer schools?
Current students who must transfer to complete their degree will receive 5 free official transcripts in sealed envelopes. These transcripts will be available in your box at the Front Desk on Friday, 2/8/2019. You can order additional transcripts or request electronic delivery at OCAC has eliminated the fee for transcripts ordered online from 2/8/2019–6/15/2019. You will be charged only for shipping (free for electronic delivery; $2.50 for standard domestic delivery.) This fee change applies to all students.

How can I request a copy of my unofficial transcript in order to verify which classes I've taken?
Current students who must transfer to complete their degree will receive a .pdf copy of their official transcript. This file will be emailed to your email address by Monday 2/11/2019. 

I have disability accommodations at OCAC. Do I have to go through the same application process when I transfer to another institution?
Because each institution has different processes in place, it will be up to that institution to guide you on specifics. You may request copies of your disability accommodations at OCAC if you require that information.

Admission deadlines at many schools have passed for the 2019–2020 academic year. Did I miss the window to enroll somewhere else this fall?
We are working to partner with other art schools to make special arrangements to admit impacted OCAC students. Red House advisors can assist you in finding the best option.

If I finish my degree after Spring 2019, what will my diploma say? Who will my degree be from?
After Spring 2019, you will need to transfer to another institution to finish your degree. The diploma will be awarded by that institution.

Important Note: For the most accurate, up-to-date information about the closure, please see and your OCAC email account, where we will be sending pertinent communication.