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Golden Spot Residency

The Oregon College of Art and Craft Golden Spot Artist Residency was a fellowship program intended to position Oregon artists as role models for the OCAC community and the Oregon community at large, to advance the careers of the participating artists, and to strengthen public awareness of the significance of the role of making in a fine art context.

Residents were Oregon artists with significant exhibition records and professional achievement who exhibit strong communication skills, a demonstrated commitment to sustained studio practice and a desire to engage or initiate collaborative experiences at OCAC. A resident artist was expected to pursue a clearly articulated body of work or project and to integrate his or her practice into the academic programming and activities of the larger OCAC community. To this end, the resident’s specific involvement included teaching workshops for students, guest lecturing in a class, giving public talks, providing mentorship to students, participating in open studios, and/or collaborating with faculty or students.

The Golden Spot Artist Residency program was structured to dedicate resources to Oregon artists who find their distinctive environment particularly compelling and are committed to engaging in the collaborative atmosphere that is the cornerstone of the OCAC educational experience. The goal of the program was to provide students and community members the opportunity to observe artists/makers at work and to engage in dialogue, and possible collaboration, with them.

By promoting an understanding of the creative process, the Golden Spot Program expanded OCAC’s mission as a public resource center for the exchange and exploration of ideas relevant to our Oregon cultural and social environment, and particularly for engagement in the discourse surrounding contemporary craft and critical making.


Spring 2015 Golden Spot Residents

Ben Buswell (b. 1974 in Dallas, Oregon) currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Buswell received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and BFA from Oregon State University. Notable solo exhibitions include Projector at CoCA Seattle (2013),The Shadow and the Willing at Helzer Gallery (2010) and TENNESSEE at TILT Gallery and Project Space (2008). Buswell’s work has been included in Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art at Disjecta, The Oregon Biennial 2006 at the Portland Art Museum. In 2014 and 2011, Buswell was awarded Career Opportunity Grants from The Oregon Arts Commission and Ford Family Foundation. His work is included in several private collections, including that of Jan and Patricia de Bont, and public collections at Portland Community College, Rock Creek and the Oregon Health and Science University, Collaborative Life Sciences Building. Forthcoming solo exhibitions at The Art Gym and Upfor are scheduled for early 2015. During his time at OCAC, he plans on using electroplating as a tool to embellish photographs as a physical rather than image-based process to bring a photograph into the present moment.
Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen have been making art and life projects together since 2005. Their artwork takes many forms, from publications, prints, photographs, and drawings, to sculptures, installations, and performative lectures. Currently, their interests center on finding imaginative ways to understand and address the social and political predicaments that make life worse. Their work has been shown and published nationally and internationally through institutions such as the Tacoma Art Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, The Renaissance Society, NOON Literary Annual, and PICA’s Time-Based Arts Festival. They were recipients of a 2014 Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship and recently received a Precipice Fund Grant for their collaborative project (with Ariana Jacob and Garrick Imatani) called Spreading Rumors. They live and work in Portland, Oregon where they teach at Portland State University’s School of Art+Design and spend as much time as possible playing with their 4-year-old son. They are represented by PDX Contemporary Art. During their residency at OCAC, they plan on continuing exploration of military airborne leaflet propaganda, using traditional print processes to see what happens when this strategy of distribution is used in an art context as performance and poetic sabotage.


Spring 2014 Golden Spot Residents

Nan Curtis

The work of Nan Curtis takes on many forms - sculpture, installations, digital images and performance - exploring the nuances of shared experience, particularly focused on home and ‘family’. Nan has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has served as the director and curator of the Feldman Gallery + Project Space PNCA and has been on the faculty in numerous capacities for over 20 years. Nan was the recipient of the prestigious Bonnie Bronson Fellowship in 2011 and a Caldera Residency this past October. Nan will be looking for ways to highlight the collision between craft and fine art in the work produced and in interactions with faculty and students. Site, materials and scale will be the guiding parameters for her works. Nan received a MFA from the University of Cincinnati and a BA from the College of Wooster, OH.


Abi Spring

Spring’s recent work is part meditation-practice, part social-practice, and part studio-practice. She has been creating 6 ft tall temporary installations of meditatively stacked sticks near homeless encampments for the resident’s enjoyment. These fragile hollow, cocoon like shapes are monuments to the homeless and metaphors for the homes that they inhabit. At OCAC she will work on assembling one of these stick structures and cast it in glass. She has a BFA in painting from the Maine College of Art and an MFA in Glass from The Australian National University.

I believe that work made via repetitive processes can be imbued with the meditative state required of the artists to make it. For certain viewers the use of subtly and repetition draws them into the work, it allows them to enter into a suspended state, a state that can be described as transcendent.