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Lectures & Collaborations

Each semester OCAC brings a renowned group of guests to OCAC to present their work and interact with our students and faculty. Through lectures as well as symposia and workshops, students and community members are exposed to the best and most progressive work out in the world.

Free and Open to the public.
Mondays 12:45–1:45pm
Centrum Studio at OCAC.



April 8, 2019
Ralph Pugay (b. 1983 in Cavite, Philippines) creates colorful, narrative paintings that juxtapose cultural norms and ideas. At once playful and unsettling, Pugay says, “A lot of them are of situations where there's perversity or something catastrophic happening, but I see them as allegories for general questions about consciousness and life." Ralph Pugay holds an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University and is a residency graduate from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. Other residencies include the Rauschenberg Foundation at Captiva Island and the Joan Mitchell Foundation in New Orleans.


April 15, 2019
Linda Lighton is OCAC's April 2019 Artist–in–Residence in the Ceramics Department.  Linda received a BFA with honors from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1989. She studied painting and ceramics, 1976-1978, at the University of Idaho and was on the Mortarboard Society. From 1974-1976 Lighton lived on the Colville Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington State. She attended The Factory of Visual Arts in Seattle, Washington from 1971-1974. Linda has had more than 54 solo shows since 1974 and participated in more than 150 group exhibitions including the 1st World Biennale in Icheon, Korea, 2001; International Bienal de Manises, Valencia, Spain, 2006; World Clay, Latvian National Museum, Riga, Latvia, 2006; Fule International Ceramic Museum, Fuping, China, 2008; and Ariana Museum, Geneva, Switzerland. Lighton received the Missouri Arts Award in 2008. In 2011 she was honored to receive the Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts and Education from the Kansas City Art Institute. (Above: Tinkerbell by Linda Lighton.)

Conversation on Craft is a forum hosted by the MFA in Craft Program, addressing the skill and art of creativity. Focused on a making space, the intention is to incite discourse and exercise motivations, aspirations, even prejudices that surround Contemporary Craft, particularly Craft’s persistent presence in a contemporary culture suspicious of labored beauty and material literacy.  
Free and Open to the public.

OCAC's Speaker Series, bringing guest makers and thinkers to Portland to explore and articulate the relationship of craft to other disciplines and fields. Free and Open to the public.

At OCAC, we believe that the future of education is collaboration. We work with other local, regional, and national organizations to expand our potential and bring art and craft education to a broader audience.   



January 28, 2019
Kate Newby (b. 1979 in Auckland) graduated with a Doctor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 2015. She was awarded New Zealand's largest contemporary art prize, Walter’s Prize in 2012. Recent exhibitions include Nothing that's over so soon should give you that much strength, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (2018) A puzzling light and moving, The Lumber Room, Portland (2018-2019); All the stuff you already know, The Sunday Painter, London (2018); I can’t nail the days down, Kunsthalle Wien (2018); the 21st Biennale of Sydney (2018); Swift little verbs pushing the big nouns around, Michael Lett, Auckland (2018); Let me be the wind that pulls your hair, Artpace, San Antonio (2017); The January February March, The Poor Farm, Wisconsin (2016); Two aspirins a vitamin C tablet and some baking soda, Laurel Doody, Los Angeles (2015); I feel like a truck on a wet highway, Lulu, Mexico City (2014); Maybe I won‘t go to sleep at all., La Loge, Brussels (2013).


March 4, 2019
sidony o’neal is a writer, performance artist, and dramaturg based in Portland, OR. Their work is interdisciplinary— often synthesizing text, textiles, movement, installation, as well as sound and olfactory components. sidony has presented work in North America and West Africa. This lecture is held in conjunction with sidony’s upcoming March solo exhibition at Fourteen30 Contemporary. sidony is working in the OCAC Ceramics Studio to prepare for the exhibition.

Surface _ Interrupted (3)_0.png

March 15, 2019
Join us in the Hoffman Gallery for a Happy Hour GalleryTalk panel discussion with the artists featured in Surface / Interrupted: Morgan BuckJohn Whitten, and Rachel Wolf. Learn about their work and practice through a discussion guided by OCAC’s Drawing and Painting Department Head Michelle Ross and Curator Sam Hopple. NOTE: This lecture will be held in the Hoffman Gallery (not Centrum Studio), at 6 pm.

September 10, 2018
AICAD Post Graduate Teaching Fellow
Olivia Fu has joined OCAC as Teaching Fellow and teaches Illustration and Drawing courses.  Olivia is a storyteller through illustration and animation. She is interested in making work about identity, sexuality, the human condition, and visual journalism.

September 17, 2018
MFA in Craft Instructor–in–Residence
Stephanie Gervais’s work operates outside of boundaries, employing textile production, sculpture, portraiture and storytelling, while exploring culture, in-betweenness, material construction and transformation.  She is Instructor-in-Residence in MFA in Craft program at OCAC.

Click HERE to watch the Stephanie Gervais lecture.

October 1, 2018
K-12 Educator Artist–in–Residence | Summer 2018 
Jamin Tinsel explores the tactile relationship humans have with clay and what that can tell us about humanity and the social nature if individuals.  She has been a high school visual art teacher for fifteen years and maintained her studio practice. Travel, meting people, teaching, raising children, and beauty of daily ritual have inspired her work.

Click HERE to watch the Jamin Tinsel lecture.

October 8, 2018
Fluency across mediums, collaboration, and material production engender the work of Carter Mull. Reflecting critically on the decentralization of mass communication by establishing speculative archives within his own prodigious output, Mull performs multiple roles within culture at large engaging both the production and the circulation of images.

From painter and photographer, to collector and curator, to designer and publisher, Mull’s practice treats the boundaries around segments of culture like parts of a montage, to be at times delineated, and at other times joined in an illicit union.

October 15, 2018
Summer 2018 Golden Spot Artist-in-Residence
Lisa Jarrett’s intersectional practice considers the politics of difference within a variety of settings including: schools, landscapes, fictions, racial imaginaries, studios, communities, museums, galleries, walls, mountains, mirrors, floors, rivers, and lenses.  She exists and makes socially engaged work within the African Diaspora. She recently discovered that her primary medium is questions. She joined OCAC for the summer 2018 as Golden Spot Artists-in-Residence.

October 22, 2018
TALLY LOCKE — Cancelled
Wood and MFA in Industrial Design Instructor
Tally Locke’s work centers around social and environmental responsibility and has taken the form of fine woodworking, sculptural installations, and community engaged art interventions. In her studio work, she seeks to highlight process, material origins, and the work of the hand.  Through socially engaged collaborations, she endeavors to facilitate opportunities for people to make connections to material and community. Tally is teaching Wood and MFA in Industrial Design courses at OCAC.

November 12, 2018
In the work of Jeremy Davis, color use and fidelity to his subjects make them feel alive, but without being too literal. The work feels really light at first glance, but on closer examination of text and posture, the work is full of conflict, an exploration of the contrast between the shiny, smiling exterior that is frequently presented on the surface and the inner, self-conscious, status obsessed mind state that so many of us endure beneath it all.

Click HERE to watch the Jeremy Okai Davis lecture.

December 3, 2018
OCAC Fall 2018 Artist–in–Residence
Christopher Hartshorne remixes textures and pattern from a variety of sources including: my interpretation of imperceptible reactions in science, patterns found in nature, mechanical elements found in architecture and man-made spaces, and the weathered decay of urban spaces and outdoor advertising. The assemblage of contrasting elements from nature, science, and our social spaces suggests a collision of nature and culture - a combination of opposing forces that must exist together.  He is an Artist-in-Residence for Fall 2018 at OCAC.

Click HERE to watch the Christopher Hartshorne lecture.

Conversation on Craft is a forum hosted by OCAC's MFA in Craft program that addresses the skill and art of creativity. Focused on a making space, the intention is to incite discourse and exercise motivations, aspirations, even prejudices that surround Contemporary Craft, particularly Craft’s persistent presence in a contemporary culture suspicious of labored beauty and material literacy. All lectures are free and open to the public. LEARN MORE >



OCAC's Speaker Series, bringing guest makers and thinkers to Portland to explore and articulate the relationship of craft to other disciplines and fields.  Free and Open to the public.

A Conversation and Book Signing: The New Explorers by Kris Timken
November 19 | 2015

7 PM, Vollum Drawing, Painting and Photography Building, OCACOregon College of Art and Craft will present a Conversation with author Kris Timken, artists Camille Seaman, Linda K. Johnson, curator Prudence Roberts and PSU Professor Ethan Seltzer as part of the OCAC Connection: Intersecting Tradition and Innovation speaker series.  This event is open and free to the public and will engage the community in bringing makers and thinkers of international renown to explore the relationship of craft to other disciplines and fields.


Dana Schutz and Ryan Johnson
November 18 | 2013

Dana Schutz combines fantasy and reality, humor and horror, to create figurative paintings that abount with expressionist energy. Her distinctive visual style is characterized by vibrant color and raw and tactile brushwork. Schutz's subjects spring from an absurdist sensibility as she invents imaginary stories or hypothetical situations that are bizarre and impossible, yet oddly compelling. 

Ryan Johnson lives and works in New York and was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1978. He received an MFA from Columbia University in 2003. His large mixed media sculptures explore psychological and imaginative narratives. His works have been shown in Italy, Luxembourg and New York.


Aaron Rose
March 11 | 2013
Tiger Woods Center | Nike Campus | 1 Bowerman Drive | 7pm

Aaron Rose is an artist, writer, musician, film director and independent curator currently living in Los Angeles. For ten years he was owner/director of the Alleged Gallery in New York, home to artists such as Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Mike Mills, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, and more. He branded these artists as “Beautiful Losers” in a museum exhibit, a book, and then the 2008 film. Since then, Rose has been working as a freelance curator, choosing artists for the Undefeated Billboard Project, a public art project in Los Angeles produced in conjunction with Nike. Rose is also represented by the Directors Bureau in Los Angeles and collaborates with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Make Something began as a series of workshops for teens and comes at a crucial time when fine arts budgets for public schools are as Rose puts it, “slashed to hell.” Rooted in skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, and punk-rock culture, the workshops bring art to students in a contemporary way. The workshops have taught over 2,000 students in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Tokyo. Rose hopes that the D.I.Y. lessons from the workshops spur an inventive way of thinking that can be applied to all situations in life.

Despite his lengthy list of achievements, Rose says, “I can probably say that teaching is quite possibly the most important work I’ve done.”


Hugh Dubberly
October 22 | 2012

Design in the Age of Biology: Shifting from a Mechanical-Object Ethos to an Organic-System Ethos
Hugh Dubberly is a design planner and teacher. At Apple Computer in the late 80s/early 90s, he managed cross-functional design teams and creative services for the entire company and co-created a technology-forecast film, “Knowledge Navigator”, that presaged the appearance of the Internet in a portable digital device. At the same time, he served at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena as the founding chair of the computer graphics department.  Mr. Dubberly is best known for creating concept maps—visual models to explore and learn about complex information spaces: “By showing everything—the forest and the trees—in a single view, concept maps help people create mental models and clarify thoughts.”
Download pdf of Hugh's presentation


At OCAC, we believe that the future of education is collaboration. We work with other local and regional organizations to expand our potential and bring art and craft education to a broader audience.

Some of the organizations we collaborate with include:

Blue Sky Gallery
Danner watch the Crafted in Portland video
Doernbecher Children's Hospital
Museum of Contemporary Craft
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Portland Art Focus
Portland Art Museum
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Portland Open Studios
Portland Rose Festival
Portland State University
Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
St. Mary's Home for Boys Art Program
U of O School of Architecture
OCAC administers art instruction for at-risk boys between the ages of 10 and 17 who are emotionally disturbed and behaviorally delinquent through St. Mary's Home for Boys.

Interested in collaborating with OCAC on a new or existing program?