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Digital Strategies

Kat Seale, BFA 2019
OCAC Fablab
CNC router
Jessica LeDuc, BFA 2017, digital collage

Digital Strategies invites you to utilize your creative problem solving skills and artistic vision to move the art and technology of Craft forward by building on technologies of the past, present, and future. Using digital fabrication technology as a tool to blend traditional hand crafted artistry with cutting edge technology invites infinite possibilities for experimentation that assists skill building and material knowledge. Equipped with 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC router, vinyl cutter, digital cameras and scanners, wide format printers, and a variety of software, the OCAC FabLab enhances rapid prototyping, production and material explorations across 2D and 3D applications. You will have the opportunity to investigate computer-aided design, safe procedures and innovative ways to work with digital tools, using materials both familiar and new while providing essential skills for a career in making and designing in the 21st century. 

Bobbi Woods, Instructor
Evan LaLonde, Instructor

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Visiting Artists
Brian Harper
Brian Czibesz
Don Crow
Jo Kamm
MK Guth
Paul Mathieu
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Recent Events

3D Printing with clay!
The Digital Strategies area of study in OCAC's undergraduate program recently hosted visiting artist Bryan Czbesz, asst. professor of art at SUNY New Paltz, who conducted a 3D printer building workshop. During the one day workshop the students of OCAC's inaugural digital fabrication class built a delta 3D printer that prints in wet clay. This exciting hands on workshop was intended to demystify 3D printing technology and show students that they too can build their own customized 3D printer. The parts for the printer, which was affectionately named Cloudia, were purchased online and at the local hardware store and other parts were 3D printer and cut on the CNC router. Students are excited about the possibilities of printing in wet clay and then continuing to shape and work with their creations after they have been printed. 





Area of Study Requirements

First year - Third year
Select two 100-level courses, two 200-level courses, and two 300 or 400-level courses from the courses listed below.

DM101 Digital Media for Artists I 
DM102 Digital Media for Artists II 
DF201 Digital Design and Fabrication 
DF202 Intermediate Digital Design and Fabrication 
BA202/302 Design Concepts
CE203 Moldmaking and Molding 
PH203/303 Digital Imaging I 
PH204/304 Digital Imaging II 
FT315 Weaving: Pattern and Structure
ID401 Installation Art
ID403 Production Design 

Fourth year
Take all courses listed below.
ST401 Senior Seminar I
ST402 Senior Seminar II
TH495 Thesis Studio
TH498 Thesis Studio

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Subject to change. This new area of study will be implemented in Fall 2016. 

Jasmine Braxton, BFA 2016, digital print on fabric on left
Dylan Beck, instructor, on right


The FabLab and Digital Imaging lab at OCAC are designed to support an innovative approach to making by providing access to advanced digital tools and equipment. FabLab is a collaborative creative space where students in all media explore a variety of materials and forms, opening new possibilities for students to create work and preparing them for future success in studio practice and making industries and businesses. The selection of equipment includes 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC router, vinyl cutter in the FabLab; 18 Power Mac towers with Eizo monitors, film and flatbed scanners, two 17” Epson printers, a 44” wide format Epson printer, and a 63” Epson in the Digital Imaging lab; and a jacquard loom and quilting machine in the Fibers construction studio. 



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