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Drawing and Painting

Kristjan Woinarowicz, BFA 2015
Michelle Ross, Drawing and Painting Department Head, "The Inexperienced Miracle Worker," 2015, oil, Flashe, paper, plaster, and chalk on birch panel, 62” x 65”
Elise McCall, BFA 2017

Develop your expressive direction through the study of representational, abstract and inter-media approaches to drawing and painting. As you explore historical and contemporary methods you will be encouraged to enhance your technical and conceptual skill, as well as expand your ability to choose a path through the expansive field of contemporary image production.

Michelle Ross, Department Head
Brian Shannon, Professor
Olivia Fu, Professor
Elizabeth Malaska, Instructor
Bethany Hays, Instructor

Visiting Artists
Bruce Conkle
Nan Curtis
MK Guth
Anya Kivarkis
Jen Delos Reyes
Mark Smith
Bobbi Woods
See the full list of visiting artists here!

Courses and Requirements
Course Descriptions
Program Requirements



The Drawing, Painting, and Design Studios in the Jean Vollum Drawing, Painting, and Photography Building include: 

  • large open studio classrooms with windows and skylights for natural light
  • a variety of studio equiment including:
    • easels
    • tables
    • projectors
    • light tables
    • human skeleton
    • still life props

The department's tool shop includes:

  • chop saws
  • jigsaws
  • nail gun
  • clamps
  • a variety of hand tools




Learn more about our programs of study:
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts in Craft
Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design
Master of Fine Arts in Craft & Material Studies
Master of Fine Arts in Applied Craft + Design
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Craft (requires a bachelor's degree)
The Certificate in Craft