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Alumni Exhibition: Colin Kippen & Megan Mesloh

May 3, 2017 to July 3, 2017
Centrum Gallery

At Hand: Colin Kippen & Megan Mesloh
May 3-July 3, 2017

Opening Reception: Wed, May 3, 2017, 4-6p

This exhibition brings together two alumni whose work, although very different in terms of method and aesthetics, results in enigmatic objects that investigate the language of craft. Megan Mesloh graduated BFA with a concentration in fibers and Colin Kippen graduated MFA with a concentration in metals. Both have sought to extend the possibilities that their respective skill sets allow. These are not craft objects in the traditional sense but find their parentage in craft techniques and materials. Both artists explore fragments, collage, process and pattern. They draw upon archives of found and accumulated objects that are sequentially recuperated and transformed, reclaiming a value overlooked by others. The artists draw attention to the unsung object, the accidental beauty of an appropriated design, and the ways in which ubiquity may dull us to the utility and beauty that surrounds us. Highly skilled in their respective areas of fibers and metals, Megan and Colin refuse perfect objects that speak only of skill in favor of those that question commodity, function and interest.


Colin Kippen was born in San Francisco and grew up in rural Vermont. He honed his metalsmithing craft through an apprenticeship to a jeweler, holds an MFA in Craft and a Post-Bacc Certificate in Metals from Oregon College of Art and Craft and a BA from Carleton College. He teaches figure sculpture at Portland Community College and 3D Design at Oregon College of Art and Craft. He currently lives in North Portland with his wife, daughter, and dog.

Megan Mesloh is a textile designer and teacher based in Portland, OR. Renewing traditional techniques for apparel and interior application, she works with weaving, surface pattern and sculpture. She received her BFA in Fibers and teaches workshops with WildCraft Studio School in weaving and natural dyes.

Texture Samples. Left: Colin Kippen, acrylic painted cement casting; Right: Megan Mesloh, turmeric dyed natural fiber weaving.