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Hallie Ford Fellow Exhibition Features OCAC Faculty Heidi Schwegler and Michelle Ross

January 24, 2013 to April 27, 2013
724 Davis Street
Hallie Ford Fellow Exhibition Features OCAC Faculty Heidi Schwegler and Michelle Ross

“Museum of Contemporary Craft is honored to host this inaugural exhibition of work by the Ford Fellows," says Director and Chief Curator, Namita Gupta Wiggers. “The Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts not only makes a difference in the lives of significant Oregon visual artists, it also more broadly supports the sustainability of culture in the region. Both the Museum and PNCA have had relationships with many of these artists, and we’re delighted to welcome them back. We are thrilled that the exhibition will travel both in and outside of the state, too.”

The exhibition and accompanying catalogue recognize the recipients of the Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts since the award’s inception three years ago: 2010 Fellows Daniel Duford, David Eckard, and Heidi Schwegler; 2011 Fellows Sang-ah Choi, Bruce Conkle, and Stephen Hayes; and the 2012 Fellows Ellen Lesperance, Akihiko Miyoshi, and Michelle Ross. Focused on these mid-career visual artists who demonstrate a depth of practice and potential for significant future accomplishment, We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live provides a glimpse into the work of nine distinguished Oregon-based artists who have and continue to make remarkable contributions to the region’s cultural landscape. The exhibition contains both past and new work by the Fellows as of means to demonstrate both a range of their talent and the progress they have made as they pursue their art as both a career and a personal passion. The fellowships honor the late Hallie Ford, co-founder of The Ford Family Foundation, Roseburg, Oregon, who was a life-long supporter of the visual artsand believed that all people should have the opportunity to explore and realize their talents. Each Hallie Ford Fellow is awarded $25,000 in unrestricted funds to pursue their creative passion and, thereby, enrich and enliven the cultural life of Oregon.

Taking its title from a passage of writing in Joan Didion’s 1979 essay “The White Album,” guest curator Cassandra Coblentz employs Didion’s text as an evocative lens through which to view the diverse body of artwork produced by the nine exhibiting artists. Coblentz explains that the, “range of media included in this exhibition demonstrates the vitality of the art scene I discovered in this community. That this exhibition of contemporary art originates at Museum of Contemporary Craft further supports a democratic turn in the contemporary art world. From video and digital photography, to oil painting, drawing, and sculpture, to ceramics and knitting, these artists all value craftsmanship and the hand of the artist. They regard their individual choice of media as the most effective way to express the crux of their ideas and they take great responsibility for excelling at their craft. This shift away from outmoded hierarchies of artistic media tells us something about the times we are living in. We are a dynamic culture that values the handcrafted alongside the digital as equally vital and necessary. Through this lens, we are in fact able to notice and learn more about this often times perplexing world in which we live.”

Curatorial Walk-through
Friday, January 25, 2013, 2-3 pm

Panel Discussions in the Lab
2010 Fellows: Daniel Duford, Heidi Schwegler, David Eckard

2011 Fellows: Bruce Conkle, Stephen Hayes, Sang-Ah Choi
Tuesday, February 5, 6:30 pm

2012 Fellows: Michelle Ross, Ellen Lesperance, Akihiko Miyoshi
Tuesday, February 12, 6:30 pm

Curator's Lecture with Cassandra Coblentz
Thursday April 18, 6:30 pm

Exasecond by Heidi Schwegler