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A Laser Show

November 8, 2018 to December 8, 2018
OCAC Centrum Gallery
A Laser Show
A Laser Show
Centrum Gallery
A show about laser cutting
November 8–December 8, 2018

Curated by:
Benny Hill, OCAC FabLab Studio Manager
Chelsea Snow, Entrepreneurial Fellow and Alumni; Applied Craft + Design
Featuring work by:
Marissa Provost (Student BFA)  
Kat Kauffman (Alumni and OCAC Photo Studio Manager)
Parker Ives (Student MFA Industrial design) 
Nathan Rice (Curatorial Fellow, Alumni, AC+D) 
Andrew Newell (MFA Candidate, AC+D)
Modeling. Connecting. Multiplying. Stacking. Toolmaking. This group show illustrates what happens within and as a result of these these processes when artists are equipped with lasers. With its extremely fast and precise cutting and engraving capabilities the laser cutter as craft tool creates new opportunities for artists to create sketches in physical space, to quickly and efficiently make small scale production runs, to create rapid prototypes, and to experiment with materials. The purpose of this show is to demonstrate the way that a digital physical workspace and workflow mirrors traditional making processes, but also diverges and takes on its own form. Through the works of four artists all using the laser as a tool in a different capacity, we see the value and potential of this machine in a craft context.