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OCAC Artist-In-Residence Exhibition

December 4, 2014 to January 27, 2015
OCAC Artist-In-Residence Exhibition

The OCAC Artist-In-Residence Program brings both emerging and nationally recognized artists to the college. Providing them with time, resources and equipment to push their work in new directions while they interact with students, faculty and the Portland arts community at large. The AIR Exhibition gives us the opportunity to show our students and the community a selection of the work these artists created during and after their residency at OCAC.

Evan Baden
Nan Curtis
Ben Ediger
Julia Heineccius
Jessica Kreutter                   
Margie Livingston
Heidi Neilson                     
Tamara Ottum                    
Adrien Segal
Abi Spring          
Kristi Sword
Bobbi Woods

Jessica Kreutter