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OCAC Head of Metals SETH PAPAC in 21 Grams, 2018 Hangzhou Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial

November 7, 2018 to December 10, 2018
OCAC Head of Metals SETH PAPAC in 21 Grams, 2018 Hangzhou Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial
Head of the OCAC Metals Department SETH PAPAC is participating in this year's Hangzhou International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial, along with a total of 155 exhibitors.
Under the title 21 grams, Ruudt Peters has organized a jewelry exhibition where a large number of artists where asked to make a jewel with the weight and content of the soul 21 grams, to develop specifically for this exhibition. There will be an equal number of western and eastern artists invited to take part at the exhibition.The installation of the art works is an important part of the concept. The works of the 21 gramsjewelry will be present on scales to verify whether an artist has succeeded to the weight of the soul 21 grams to meet. 
This year's Hangzhou International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial invited 155 exhibitors who are famous educators, artists and scholars from 25 countries and regions to participate in the One Belt, One Road guidelines and policy, focusing on the China Academy of Art. About 50 well-known institutions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas form a high-level jewelry and metalworking academic feast worldwide. This exhibition has attracted the enthusiastic participation of many domestic and foreign contemporary jewelry and metal artists. It also pays special attention to the incubation of young artists and has become a mature communication platform for the contemporary jewelry art circle. This exhibition also conducts academic discussions with experts from around the world to expand the academic, artistic, technical and aesthetic aspects to promote the development of jewelry and metal art.
Through the 21g exhibition, we will present the most avant-garde metal art creations at home and abroad from a professional perspective, and promote the development of the overall discipline of jewelry and metal art. Through exhibitions, to understand the different areas of jewelry and metal art in the international and domestic, to explore the development of jewelry and metal art in the era of new technology, to reflect on how artists should face and eliminate the boundaries between art and crafts. At the same time, through the academic research of international art creation, combined with art history, modern and post-modern art theory, sociology and anthropology, the interdisciplinary discussion on the rhythm of art jewelry and other related issues.

Exhibition Theme: "21 grams"
With the intention to prove the existence of the human soul scientifically MacDougall introduced in 1907 a medical experiment by six patients roads during their dying process. The beds were positioned on an industrial scale so that the weight of the patient before, during, and could be held in the holes after death. The patients lost directly or minutes to hours after death 21 grams weight. This minimal research shows that the soul has a substantial weight. The concept of 21 grams has a mysterious imagination that is attractive to artists. The weight of 21 grams is both imaginative and literally for jewellery makers a challenge.

Exhibition Framework:
The exhibition is divided into two parts, three exhibition areas: first, the second exhibition area is centered on the theme of 21 grams, and the third exhibition area is a solo exhibition by Professor Ruudt Peters.
The first part (the first and the second exhibition area): The theme exhibition part, in the form of the theme exhibition, invites domestic and foreign artists to create and display the art from the 21 grams for the exhibitors from their respective creative characteristics. All participating artists have different national and cultural backgrounds, have their own understanding of the theme, and have different interpretations of the meaning of themes and themes, and different artistic languages. Therefore, we have to describe not only the creative techniques and materials of jewelry and metal art, but also a powerful display of contemporary jewelry and metal art concepts.
The second part (the third exhibition area): The theme Bron is the curator's forty years of an international art exhibition of personal art creation by Professor Ruudt Peters.