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Melina Bishop, BFA 2015
Emily Nachison, Fibers Department Head, "Garland," 2015, cast glass, leather, dyed horsehair.
Jiseon Lee Isbara, Dean of Academic Affairs/MFA in Craft faculty, "Flash Cards" (detail), 2015, stitched fabric, paper, wax, each 4” x 6”, total approx. 425 pieces.

Immerse yourself in the conceptual, visual and physical attributes of fiber. Explore the communicative nature of fiber materials contextualized within the global history of textiles, identity, community practice, contemporary art and craft.

We are concerned with the technical application of Fibers techniques, as well as the conceptual, interdisciplinary and experimental possibilities of the medium. You will work with a wide range of textile construction, surface techniques, and processes and will be encouraged to explore and push the boundaries of your work.


Jeanne Medina, Visiting Assistant Professor
Jiseon Lee Isbara, Professor
Sarah Wertzberger, Instructor

Visiting Artists
Sonja Dahl
Suniti Dernovsek
Duchess Clothier
Liz Ensz
India Flint
Britt Howard
Jovencio de la Paz
Hannah McDevitt
Kari Merkle
Mark Newport
Portland Garment Factory
Rowland Ricketts
Liza Rietz
Textile Hive
Ben Venom
Marie Watt
See the full list of visiting artists here!

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Course Descriptions
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The Weaving Studio has:

  • TC2 Jacquard Loom
  • 2 AVL CompuDobby looms
  • 12’ Shannock Tapestry loom
  • 21 Macomber AD-A-Harness jack style floor looms
  • 9' Macomber floor loom
  • computers for drafting
  • extensive yarn collection

The construction studio consists of:

  • large work tables
  • dress forms
  • two sergers
  • sewing machines
  • felting, carding and spinning tools
  • leather sewing tools and equipment

Sewing machines include:

  • 3 Janome Magnolia 7330s
  • 3 Janome 1600 P machines
  • 2 Pfaff 1220 Series machines
  • 6 Pfaff Hobby Series machines
  • 1 Bernina 1620 quilting machine

The Surface Design and Dye Studio contains:

  • The Dye Studio is fully equipped for chemical and natural dye processes, as well as papermaking
  • Equipment and materials for various applications such as painting, screen-printing, resist dyeing, shibori, batik, and wet-felting
  • large padded print tables
  • screen-printing exposure unit
  • Hollander Beater for papermaking
  • dye stove
  • 74" vertical steamer




Learn more about our programs of study:
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts in Craft
Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design
Master of Fine Arts in Craft & Material Studies
Master of Fine Arts in Applied Craft + Design
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Craft (requires a bachelor's degree)
The Certificate in Craft