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Functional Object

Jordan Pieper, BFA 2015
Erin Brady, BFA 2015
Sterling Collins, BFA 2014
Jennifer Jackson, MFA in Craft 2016

Functional Object encourages you to seek out innovative and responsible solutions for the creation of a variety of objects ranging from wearables, pottery, jewelry to furnishings and to investigate the contexts with which they reside.  Direct application of practical knowledge through small-batch studio production, prototyping strategies, and one-off commission based work that address specific cultural, economic, and demographic concerns. Gaining insight through both hands-on and digital processes provides a fluid approach to material, purpose, and production. You are encouraged to investigate and reinterpret the dynamic that exists between pragmatic objects, users, and corresponding markets. 

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Visiting Artists
Paul Donnelly 
Duchess Clothier
Jeni Hansen Gard 
Joe Gibson
Todd Isaacs
Heath Matysek-Snyder
Matt McCalmont
Kari Merkle
Portland Garment Factory
Jason Rens
Scout Books
Matt Williams
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