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General Studies

Explore the framework of what artists do, know and make. Studies in art history, humanities, mathematics and natural sciences broaden the context in which you experience and appreciate the connection between art and the world. Consider who you are as a maker and gain practical tools to navigate the world outside the art community and sustain a professional practice.

Abby McGehee, Department Head
Lucas Bernhardt, Instructor
Ryan Burghard, Professor
Catherine Glass, Instructor
Phil Harris, Professor
Rebecca Kelley, Instructor
Gina Morris, Instructor
Wendy Noonan, Instructor
Mollie Nouwen, Instructor
Justin Rigamonti, Instructor
Lee Stewart, Instructor
Leslie Vigeant, Instructor
Bill Will, Emeritus Professor
Leah Wilmoth, Instructor

Visiting Artists 
Rachel Adams
Ali Gradischer
Jef Gunn
Susan Harlan
Sean Healy
Randy Higgins
Evan Lalonde
Ryan Pierce
Lilith Rockett
See the full list of visiting artists here!

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Learn more about our programs of study:
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts in Craft
Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design
Master of Fine Arts in Craft & Material Studies
Master of Fine Arts in Applied Craft + Design
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Craft (requires a bachelor's degree)
The Certificate in Craft