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Image and Narrative

Heather Lowe, BFA 2016
Rissa Ochs, BFA 2016
Fernando Pedroza, BFA 2015

What are the stories we tell and how do we tell them? Develop narrative content in this area of study by combining or focusing on Illustration, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture or digital imagery/fabrication. Explore two- and three-dimensional narrative structures while building a personal visual vocabulary. Through course-driven research in the humanities as well as studio courses, you are encouraged to develop content and individualized methods for creating narrative strategies.  You may investigate the incorporation of analogue and digital processes, concepts of time and sequence, the relationships between text and image, the dynamics between object and image, singular and multiple forms, found objects, archives and environments. 

Amory Abbott

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Visiting Artists
Dan Attoe
Macy Chadwick
Julie Chen
Heidi Grew
Laura Russell
Ralph Pugay
Dana Schutz 
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Area of Study Requirements

First year - Third year
Select two 100-level courses, two 200-level courses, and two 300 or 400-level courses from the courses listed below.
BA109 Book Arts Survey
BA110 Beginning Letterpress
CE109 Handbuilding
DR106 Introduction to Painting
DR113 Drawing: Color and Process
FT111 Surface Design
PH109 Photography I
BA202/302 Design Concepts
BA204/304 Integrated Book Arts
BA205 Printmaking: Relief, Monotype, Collagraph and Drypoint
DR202 Beginning Life Drawing
DR205 Painting Studio
ID203 Text and Image
PH203 Digital Imaging I
PH204 Digital Imaging II
IL201 Illustration I
IL202 Illustration II
DR300 Advanced Topics in Drawing and Painting
DR303 Advanced Life Drawing
IL301 Illustration III
IL302 Illustration IV

Fourth year
Take all courses listed below.
ST401 Senior Seminar I
ST402 Senior Seminar II
TH495 Thesis Studio
TH498 Thesis Studio

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Subject to change. This new area of study will be implemented in Fall 2016. 




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