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Karl Burkheimer, Chair of MFA in Craft Program, Takes Part in Group Exhibition

April 13, 2018

MFA in Craft Chair Karl Burkheimer is taking place in a group exhibition opening on April 8, 2018. The exhibition begins with Karl installing objects, continues with Amy Bernstein painting the objects on April 29, and Rebecca Gates will perform on June 22. View the show at Private Places, the exhibition space of OCAC instructor Bobbi Woods.

(AB, KB, RG)
April 8 - June 22

Opening April 8, 2018 | 3:00-5:00pm
2400 NE Holladay Street
Portland OR 97232

Continuance obliges provocation—an incitement to engage. One entity addresses another, and the address becomes the conversation. A rebuff is not a negation but a statement which begs a response.

(re)buffer is action and reaction, allowing artistic resolve to extend beyond the limitations of intent or the conceit of interpretation; it is an embracing of the act of conversing unto itself. Presented in 4 acts, the movement begins with the neutrality of architectural space (including remnants of the past) being confronted (antagonized) by the entrance and complicity of object(s); Subsequently, (enter the protagonist of color) form is advanced through the characters of visual language, setting up the climax in act three, which culminates in a moment of sensory extravagance. Act 4 finds the actors quietly exiting, while absentmindedly leaving hints of future revelation.

The program plays as follows:

(act one)
KB April 8

(act two)
AB April 29

(act three)
RG June 22