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Programs of Study


Master of Fine Arts in Craft The  MFA in Craft is an advanced studies program which emphasizes problem solving through the manipulation of materials and the vigorous exchange across disciplines and media. MORE >

Collaborative Masters of Fine Arts in Applied Craft + Design

The Collaborative MFA in Applied Craft + Design is a fusion of tradition, innovation, and practice steeped in design theory, and grounded in the process of hands-on making. MORE >


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Craft
The Post-baccalaureate Certificate is a one-year, pre-graduate school program designed for students with substantial studio experience.  MORE >  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft
The BFA in Craft is a four-year degree program designed for students planning to make a living in the arts. MORE >

The Certificate in Craft
The Certificate in Craft is a three-year program provides the in depth study of a particular medium, with no general studies requirements.  MORE >