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Programs of Study

At Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC), we believe that to excel as artists and makers, students need a nurturing and challenging environment. That’s why we cultivate a personalized, student-centered culture, with an emphasis on mentor-based learning.

Life focuses on the studio and the adventure of becoming an artist. It’s a place to develop a breadth of experience with different materials — rare in our age of specialization, and yet vital to meet today’s need for creativity and innovation.

We invite you to pursue your future here.

Courses listed may not be offered every year. Consult the Master Schedule of Classes for current offerings.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Graduate Course Descriptions


AH    Art History    
IM    Image & Narrative
BP    Book & Print    
ME    Metals
CE    Ceramics    
MTH    Math
CP    Certificate Program    
NS    Natural Science
CS    Concept Seminar    
PB    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
DR    Drawing & Painting    
PH    Photography
DS    Digital Strategies    
PP    Professional Practices
FD    Foundations    
SP    Sculpture
FO    Functional Object    
SS    Social Science
FT    Fibers    
ST    Senior Seminar
HU    Humanities    
TH    Thesis
HU/SS    Humanities/Social Science    
TU    Tutorial
IL    Illustration    
WD    Wood
IN    Independent Study    
WR    Writing
ACD   Applied Craft & Design            
MCP   Critical Practice
IN   Independent Study    
MFA    MFA (Administrative)
MAT   Craft & Material Studies            
MID   Industrial Design
MCI   Critical Inquiry                
MIP   Integrated Practice


Degree Program Offerings

Through our 12 majors, and multiple degree programs, you can design the academic route that fits you. If you have questions, please contact us. Call us at 971-255-4192 or email

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts in Craft

The MFA is an advanced Craft studies program that emphasizes problem solving through the manipulation of materials and the vigorous exchange across disciplines and media. With an expansive and versatile approach, the MFA is an intellectual investigation of process, purpose, and communication distinguished by its methodology as much as its outcome. MORE >

Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

MFA in ID.jpg

Inspiring the next generation of inventive makers, MFA in Industrial Design is an experimental examination of intention, production and validation. This program intends to focus on the skills to articulate concept through form and use, to realize form by pragmatic yet innovative materials and processes, and to design objects that have relevance in the present and throughout time. MORE >

Master of Fine Arts Craft and Material Studies - Low Residency

MFA in ID.jpg

The Master of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies - Low Residency fosters the creative practice, materials knowledge, and academic achievement of independent, self-motivated artists, makers and designers, particularly those with established professional lives, family or community commitments that present geographic challenges to furthering their careers through traditional curriculum. MORE >

Master of Fine Arts in Applied Craft + Design

Connecting design thinking to design doing, OCAC and Pacific Northwest College of Art have collaborated to create a unique MFA program, grounded in hands-on making, entrepreneurial strategies, and social and environmental engagement. MORE >

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate 

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate is a one-year pre-graduate program designed for students with studio art experience at the college level. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree to apply to this program. The program gives students the opportunity to focus on the medium of their choice. MORE >

Certificate in Craft

The Certificate in Craft program is a three-year program for students interested in studying a particular studio area in depth, without taking most of the general studies courses required for a BFA degree. The Certificate in Craft program is designed to focus primarily on studio practice to gain proficient skills and to create a body of work in their area of study. MORE >