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Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

Through the Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program, you can hone the skills and knowledge to develop yourself as an artist and maker. Coursework is designed to build fluency in studio materials and processes, strong conceptual thinking, articulate communication, and refined creative practice and direction.

Program Overview

The four-year BFA degree program is comprised of 120 credits, with a minimum of 72 credits in studio courses. To get started, you will select one of 12 majors. Through electives, you may explore additional areas of study to broaden and deepen your practice.

To prepare for studio practice, you'll launch into your major and elective studio courses in conjunction with the Foundation program in your first year.  General Studies courses enrich your academic learning, and thesis courses in the fourth year conclude with your thesis projects, in which you apply your cultivated knowledge and skills in individual exhibitions. The program culminates with a professionally organized gallery exhibition. 

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Departments and Majors





The faculty at OCAC are innovative makers and thinkers, communicating formal and conceptual content through their rigorous exploration of creative practice. MORE >

The studios at OCAC include Book and Print, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Digital Fabrication Lab, Fibers, Metals, Photography and Wood. MORE >

Courses and Requirements
Course Descriptions
Program Requirements

First Year Fall Spring
Major 100 3 3
Image Foundations 3 3
Object Foundations 3 3
History of Art 3 3
General Studies – Humanities 3 3
Professional Skills Seminar (*degree requirement) 0* -
Second Year Fall Spring
Major 200 3 3
Studio Elective 3 3
Intermediate Art History 3 3
General Studies – Social Science 3 3
General Studies – Science and Math 3 3
Third Year Fall Spring
Major 300 3 3
Studio Elective 3 3
Concept Seminar 3 3
General Studies – Elective 3 3
Writing for Artists 3 3
Fourth Year Fall Spring
Senior Seminar 3 3
Studio Elective 3 3
Studio Elective 3 -
Professional Practices 3 3
Thesis Studio 3 6
Total Credits Required   120 Credits

Note: Students are ultimately responsible for making certain all graduation requirements are met. 

Learning Outcomes
Find information about learning outcomes by downloading the Departmental Studio and Academic Departments Learning Outcomes



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