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Certificate in Craft

The Certificate in Craft is a three-year program for students interested in studying a particular studio area in depth without taking the full complement of general studies courses required for a BFA degree. The Certificate in Craft focuses on attaining the proficient skills necessary to create a body of work in a studio area of study while encouraging the exploration of a variety of media. The program is designed to support your personal goals, which may include the preparation of a comprehensive portfolio for graduate school for those who have previously earned a bachelor degree, the development of knowledge of a variety of materials and processes, or the enhancement of studio practice with the contemporary skills and innovative directions critical for success in today’s creative industries.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

You will have the chance to study in one of 12 concentration areas; Book and Print, Ceramics, Cross Media, Digital Strategies, Drawing and Painting, Fibers, Functional Object, Image and Narrative, Metals, Photography, Sculptural Practice, and Wood. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take nine studio elective credits in any medium and three elective credits in either studio or general studies classes. The College accepts up to 36 credits in transfer, by review, from other accredited post-secondary institutions toward the completion of the Certificate in Craft. You must complete the certificate program in no more than four and a half years or nine semesters of attendance, excluding leaves of absence.

What is the Difference Between the BFA and Certificate Program?

The primary focus of the Certificate in Craft program is studio coursework. Students who have previously earned a degree frequently enroll in the three-year program to expand their skills and create a body of work in one of the concentration areas. If you have not yet attained an undergraduate degree, you are highly encouraged to enter the BFA degree program to gain an academic context for your work.

As a Certificate Student, you will have the opportunity to undertake your Certificate Project concurrently with 300 level studios in which you explore your concentration and investigate other media. In the fall of your third year, certificate students enroll in a collective certificate tutorial, which guides you toward the process of creating a cohesive body of work. As compared to the BFA thesis project, the scope of the certificate culmination is less complex.

Courses and Requirements
Course Descriptions
Program Requirements

First Year Fall Spring
Concentration 100 3 3
Image Foundations 3 3
Object Foundations 3 3
History of Art 3 3
Professional Skills Seminar (program requirement) - -
Second Year Fall Spring
Concentration 200 3 3
Studio Elective 3 3
General Studies – Natural Science /Math 3 3
Elective 3 -
Writing for Artists 3 3
Third Year Fall Spring
Concentration 300 3 3
Studio Elective 3 3
Professional Practices 3 3
Certificate Project I 3 -
Certificate Project II - 6
Total Credits Required   78 Credits


Note: Students are ultimately responsible for making certain all graduation requirements are met.  An additional three credits of English composition may be required.


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