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Course Descriptions

Courses listed may not be offered every year. Consult the Master Schedule of Classes for current offerings.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Graduate Course Descriptions


AH    Art History    
IM    Image & Narrative
BP    Book & Print    
ME    Metals
CE    Ceramics    
MTH    Math
CP    Certificate Program    
NS    Natural Science
CS    Concept Seminar    
PB    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
DR    Drawing & Painting    
PH    Photography
DS    Digital Strategies    
PP    Professional Practices
FD    Foundations    
SP    Sculpture
FO    Functional Object    
SS    Social Science
FT    Fibers    
ST    Senior Seminar
HU    Humanities    
TH    Thesis
HU/SS    Humanities/Social Science    
TU    Tutorial
IL    Illustration    
WD    Wood
IN    Independent Study    
WR    Writing
ACD   Applied Craft & Design            
MCP   Critical Practice
IN   Independent Study    
MFA    MFA (Administrative)
MAT   Craft & Material Studies            
MID   Industrial Design
MCI   Critical Inquiry                
MIP   Integrated Practice