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What we do, what we know and what we make shapes our identity as artist and art community. We learn by doing. We learn by making. Craft is the medium through which artists communicate with peers and the world. As artists we must develop a basic visual vocabulary before we can create.  

In Foundations, the first year of studies, students learn the language of art and craft, which is the groundwork for all artistic endeavors. The courses in 2D design/drawing and 3D design educate students how to converse visually with the use of “Images” and “Objects”. Students learn to carefully consider what they see and how to interpret their perception. They are taught to dissect the underlying structure and to construct, rearrange and assess elements at will. These technical skills sharpen conceptual development, complex problem solving skills and facilitate exploration of personal style and expression while cementing the crucial eye-to-hand relationship artists need in order to create skilled work.

Students are introduced to basic materials in black and white - with some practice in color and color theory - and work with a wide variety of media. Using traditional and experimental media allows students to explore a diverse range of conceptual and practical issues, including the format of installation, and to refine levels of craftsmanship and finishing.

Assessment of weekly and bi-weekly assignments, preparatory work for projects, group critiques of homework assignments, written essays and sketchbook reviews cultivate excellent verbal and critique skills, productive and healthy studio practices, and discipline in time management. The foundation curriculum provides the core skills required for students to thrive in their chosen area of concentration while pursuing their studies at the College.

Brian Shannon, Department Head
Ben Ediger
Ryan Burghard
Georgiana Nehl

First year Foundations course requirement
Take all courses listed below.
FD101 Image: Perception and Context
FD102 Image: Interpretation and Content
FD103 Object: Form and Materials
FD104 Object: Construction and Concept



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