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Oregon College of Art and Craft recognizes that a high quality, private college education is increasingly falling out of reach for deserving students and families. In keeping with our values to maintain higher education access and equity, we are pleased to announce three new full ride scholarships that make these aspirations a reality for students. These new awards are additional to OCAC’s ongoing commitment to provide financial support to all eligible students. In 2016, OCAC gift aid for our incoming class averaged over $12,000 per student. We hope this initiative inspires other commitments to higher education, creating pathways for the next generation of creative makers and problem solvers.


Oregon College of Art and Craft is pleased to partner with AICAD (the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art and Design) and The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers to support high school arts education and provide funding for students to pursue their art passions in college.  OCAC is offering four year Scholastic Art Award Scholarships to graduating senior award winners in the following categories:

Portfolio Gold Medalists in Art
$1,500 a year for four years 
Portfolio Silver Medalists & Portfolio Silver Medalists with Distinction in Art
​$1,000 a year for four years 

Individual Gold Medalist, American Visions Medalists and Sponsored Award Recipients ​
$500 a year for four years


•    Additional financial aid is available to students who submit a FAFSA and are eligible for federal aid
•    Students must apply and be accepted through the standard admissions process.  
•    Priority Deadline is May 15

Please contact for more information. 


Community College Scholarships 
A limited number of half tuition scholarships ($15,750 annually) are available to high-performing community college students from any state. The award is based on merit and demonstrated financial need. 

Eligibility Requirements
1. Current enrollment (or within the 2017-2018 academic year) at an accredited community college
2. Must apply and be accepted to OCAC
3. Must have completed at least 12 units with a minimum GPA of 3.0
4. Must submit at least one letter of recommendation
5. Must complete 2018-19 FAFSA and be eligible for a Pell Grant


OCAC Cascadia Promise Scholarship
The Cascadia Promise Scholarship is available to students entering their freshman year who hold residency in Washington, Oregon, or California. Award amount is based on students need and funds available.

The Cascadia Promise Scholarship may pay up to full tuition.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Legal residence in Oregon, Washington and California for at least one year
2. Must be fully admitted to OCAC
3. Must be a freshman student with fewer than 15 college credits
4. Must complete scholarship application, including two letters of recommendation, minimum GPA of 3.2
5. Must fill out FAFSA and be eligible for a Pell Grant
6. Upload a 60 second video explaining how your surroundings have influenced your artwork



OCAC Equity and Inclusion Scholarship
The Equity & Inclusion Scholarship is available to students with diverse backgrounds. This may include: ethnic/racial minority, first generation student, gender identity, veteran, physical/learning disability, non-traditional student. Award amount is dependent on student need and available funds.

The Equity & Inclusion Scholarship may pay up to full tuition.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Must be fully admitted to OCAC
2. Must complete scholarship application, including two letters of recommendation and minimum 3.2 GPA
3. Must fill out FAFSA and be eligible for a Pell Grant
4. Upload a 60 second video describing what life experience you have had that has influenced your artwork.




OCAC MFA in Craft Leadership Scholarship
This scholarship has been awarded for the 2017-18 academic year; applications are no longer being accepted.
This full tuition scholarship for a Masters Degree student is based on merit, demonstrated financial need, and expectations of being a leader in creative practice.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Must be accepted to OCAC
2. Must have graduated with a 3.5 or higher GPA and demonstrated evidence of leadership in a creative endeavor
3. Must fill out FAFSA
4. Finalists will be interviewed

How to Apply
Step 1
Complete the OCAC application before the deadline. 

Step 2
Submit a response to one of the question options below. Email your response to In the body of your email, please include your full name and indicate which question you are answering.

  • Using the lens of your creative practice, discuss the role of Contemporary Craft in North American culture where consumption of mass-manufactured goods feeds the demands of daily life.
  • Over the past decade, artisanal products have flooded the marketplace while DIY sensibilities saturate the internet. How do you situate your practice within these trends and approaches that bear on Craft?
  • ​Nicholas Carr, in his book The Shallows, makes a compelling argument that the internet and associated technologies are rewiring our brains. Do you see your work and/or Craft practices as a counterpoint to an increasingly disembodied culture? What role do practices that foreground the body, physical labor and/or a deep connection with material have in such an environment?

Step 3
Once finalists have been identified, a virtual interview via Skype (or similar format) will be scheduled with the OCAC Scholarship Review Committee.

Step 4
All scholarship applicants will be contacted via email, and winners will be announced on OCAC's website and social media.

The scholarships will be awarded based on both merit and demonstrated financial need. To be eligible, students must apply and be accepted to OCAC, meet a minimum GPA requirement and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before February 15, 2017.

By submitting your video or writing, you hereby grant OCAC permission to use, reproduce, modify or display such content in whole or in part in any form.

Please contact if you have questions about scholarships.