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Oregon College of Art and Craft recognizes that a high quality, private college education is increasingly falling out of reach for deserving students and families. In keeping with our values to maintain higher education access and equity, we are pleased to announce three new full ride scholarships that make these aspirations a reality for students. These new awards are additional to OCAC’s ongoing commitment to provide financial support to all eligible students. In 2016, OCAC gift aid for our incoming class averaged over $12,000 per student. We hope this initiative inspires other commitments to higher education, creating pathways for the next generation of creative makers and problem solvers.


Oregon College of Art and Craft is pleased to partner with AICAD (the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art and Design) and The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers to support high school arts education and provide funding for students to pursue their art passions in college.  OCAC is offering four year Scholastic Art Award Scholarships to graduating senior award winners in the following categories:

Portfolio Gold Medalists in Art
$1,500 a year for four years 
Portfolio Silver Medalists & Portfolio Silver Medalists with Distinction in Art
​$1,000 a year for four years 

Individual Gold Medalist, American Visions Medalists and Sponsored Award Recipients ​
$500 a year for four years


•    Additional financial aid is available to students who submit a FAFSA and are eligible for federal aid
•    Students must apply and be accepted through the standard admissions process.  
•    Priority Deadline is May 15

Please contact for more information. 


Please contact if you have questions about scholarships.